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S4S helps you effortlessly hire world-class remote engineers and teams.

Hire SALESFORCE Developers in India

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Technical Skills

  • Salesforce, SOQL SOSL HTML/CSS XML AJAX JavaScript SQL/PL SQL PHP or Java or C# SOAP/REST - based web services
  • Apex Classes Controllers Visual Force Triggers Web Services Components Page Layouts SFDC Configuration (Security Settings, Approval Process, Work Flow, Group/ Sharing Management, Reports, Profiles & Permissions, Validation Rules)
  • MySQL PostGreSQL MSSQL Oracle
  • OOPS MVC Agile Methodologies SDLC Methodologies
  • Eclipse NetBeans Zend Studio Git SVN Jira Basecamp
  • Windows UNIX/LINUX Mac
  • Apache IIS Nginx

Attracting, training & retaining specialized IT Talent is a big challenge for many organizations. And, with the rapidly evolving technologies and business needs, sourcing the right IT resources at the right time has become a big pain area. Our “Resource as a Service” is a solution to this problem. You get access to our in-house talent pool of 4000+ engineers which helps you to finish your projects on-time, within budget. NeoSOFT specializes in delivering cutting edge digital transformation and technology services that empower global businesses to outperform the competition, improve productivity, and optimize costs.








Consulting Firms


Digital Agencies


Software Companies


Software Product Companies (ISVs)


Stop Recruiting, Start Developing

  • Offshore

    • Hourly (No. of hours as decided)
    • Part Time (90 hours per month)
    • Full Time (180 hours per month)
  • Onsite

    • Hire at your location
    • Monthly Fee + Per Diem Allowances + Ticket + Visa
  • Hybrid

    • Combination of Offshore & Onsite Team
    • As per the project need, the team will be split across onsite & offshore

Skills, Processes & Commitment - which you need

a Service

Dedicated, On-Demand, Secure & Customized

  • Build

    Hire Resources, Setup Infrastructure & Development Environments, Establish Practices / Processes / Methodologies / Culture

  • Operate

    Training & Development, Measure Efficiency, Knowledge & Intellectual Property (IP) Protection, Regulation & Compliance

  • Transfer (If Required)

    Entire operational company to the client based on pre-defined T&C and milestones achievement

Approach of our Offshore Development Center

We follow engineering best practices and Agile principles to ensure quick turnaround and bug-free delivery of products.

  • Agile practices

    Some of the Agile practices that our dedicated offshore development center in India follows:

    • Daily Standups among project teams
    • Two way communication with clients using latest audio/video conferencing systems
    • Overlap of at least 2 hours with client’s timezone
    • Joint retrospective with the stakeholders
    • Regular co-location
    • Effective team management following distributed Agile principles
    • Sprint Planning
    • Scrum of Scrums
    • Mid-Sprint and End-Sprint Demos
    • Regular progress tracking through project management tools
  • Engineering practices

    Some of the Engineering practices that our dedicated offshore development center follows:

    • Iterative development
    • Pipeline automation leveraging leading DevOps tools
    • Continuous code refactoring
    • Test automation
    • Lean code and design
    • Microservices led architecture
    • Continuous integration and deployment

Why hire Salesforce developers with S4S

S4S makes remote beneficial for you
All Salesforce developers hired with our help become your full-time employees, working on your project 9 hours a days, 5 day a week - just like your in-house team.
You manage the team directly
You can leverage our resources as per your need. No third parties in the way. We only get involved if you need our assistance.
Salesforce developers with experience
We’ll help you hire Salesforce developers with experience in the following technologies: Salesforce, SOQL, SOSL, HTML/CSS, XML, AJAX, JavaScript, SQL/PL SQL, PHP or Java or C#, SOAP/REST - based web services etc..
Top-notch workspace
Your team works in one of our fully-equipped offices in India's major tech cities – Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Noida, and Indore – and is equipped with a robust and scalable infrastructure required for agile project development.
Team support
Our HR specialists, office managers, and system administrators make sure your Salesforce developers' working conditions are perfect.
Productivity services
Our account manager will always be in touch to help you build productive work relationships with your Salesforce developers and advise you on effective project management practices.
Agile coaching
Our own Agile consultant will guide your team toward maximum efficiency using the most effective software development methodology.
Team retention
Corporate outings, tech events, conferences, training, and workshops – S4S retention specialists will make sure every Salesforce developers you hire with us stays motivated to stay efficient and get more productive.
Administrative services
Payroll, taxes, benefits, sick days, and vacations for your team – we’ve got you covered.
Cost reduction
Our flexible engagement model gives you access to our talent pool as per your current need. Thereby, our clients have been able to save on resource costs and achieve good ROI.
Whether you’re a one-man startup looking for a single Salesforce developers or a multinational corporation in need of a large development team, we’re happy to help. Increasing and decreasing the size of your team is easy – just give us one month’s advance notice.
A reliable partnership
We’ve been in the market for over 25+ years and count small, medium-sized, and large businesses among our clients. We are CMMi Level 5 certified and also a Microsoft Certified Partner that allows us access to informational and technical support from Microsoft, as well as provide training sessions for our Salesforce developers.

Available Developers

ID - 450


Roman is a WPF .NET Developer with 5+ years of commercial experience in software engineering, team leading and management. Hire a .Net developer experienced in Front-End (using WPF) and Back-End


ID - 550


Denis is a Full Stack (.Net) Developer with 7 years of experience. Hire a developer who has been working with ASP.NET MVC, T-SQL, PL SQL, Entity Framework, JavaScript, jQuer y, and Bootstrap.



Pricing Guide

  • Junior

    From $14 Per Hour
    • 2+ years of experience
    • Flexible working schedule
    • Choose your Tech Stack
    • 45 hour working week
  • Mid-Level

    From $16 Per Hour
    • 3+ years of experience
    • Flexible working schedule
    • Choose your Tech Stack
    • 45 hour working week
  • Senior

    From $18 Per Hour
    • 5+ years of experience
    • Flexible working schedule
    • Choose your Tech Stack
    • 45 hour working week
  • Lead

    From $20 Per Hour
    • 7+ years of experience
    • Flexible working schedule
    • Choose your Tech Stack
    • 45 hour working week